About EBE

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About the Empowered by Eating System

The so called experts have made healthy eating confusing, we haven’t; that’s what makes us different! We know what works, what doesn’t and how important it is to have something that gives long term results, is sustainable, and easy to follow. We know the secrets and now you can too…

Online Education Based System

A progressive 5 level step-by-step video series that’s simple to understand and follow at your own pace that offers health, longevity and wellness through a sustainable approach to nutrition.

Personalised to You

We are not a one size fits all company, you are an individual and our system allow us to personalise the information to you based on everything about you and how you live your everyday life.

24/7 Private Support Group

Interact with other members, full access to Q&A with the expert creators, get all of your questions answered.

Science Based Information

But easy to follow – science is constantly updating its research, so will we, you will be at the forefront of the most up to date information. No more confusion, we won’t baffle you with science, we will just tell you what to do in a manner you understand.

Sustainable Approach

Fits into your modern lifestyle; learn how to go to your favourite restaurant or bar and still get results. Scared of eating “bad foods”? We show you how.


As a member, you will get discounts on our other products, services and events; giving you even more value for money.

Premium Nutrition Coaching

and information at an affordable price. Finally an end to the confusion that currently exists with regard to healthy eating. This will be like having 24/7 access to the best diet coach in the world without it costing $1000s a month.

Priority Access

You get priority access to all of our live events and seminars. These events often sell out, but you can secure your place before the general public.

Free Access to Live Webinars

from anywhere in the world! Never miss out on top secret information that the big nutrition companies don’t want you to find out. Cant catch it live? It’s ok as we save them all for you to catch up on in your own time.