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I have followed Level 1 & would love to progress for more information, how can I do this?

After completing level 1 you will have the option to progress to level 2 onwards, all you have to do is continue through to level 2, we will take the payment automatically. Level 2 – 5 costs £10 per month. The Empowered By Eating lifestyle is an easy, affordable, educational & simple step by step guide to follow that is sustainable for life & includes expert guidance with every step of your journey.

What does my free membership include?
  • Online Education Based System
  • Personalised To You
  • 24/7 Private Support Group
  • Science Based Information
  • Sustainable Approach
  • Premium Nutrition Coaching
What extras do I get if I upgrade my membership?

Priority Access

You get priority access to all of our live events and seminars. These events often sell out but you can secure your place before the general public.

Free Access to Live Webinars

From anywhere in the world! Never miss out on top secret information that the big nutrition companies don’t want you to find out. Cant catch it live? It’s ok we save them all for you to catch up in your time.


As a member, you will get discounts on our other products, services and events. Giving you even more value for money.

Do I have my own login details for my subscription?

Yes, once you subscribe to the website you will be sent an email with a password and your username to login to the website. These details will be used to progress through all levels if you choose. If you forget your details just click “Forgot” and you will be emailed them again.

How can I get access to you if I have a question?

Once you subscribe, you will be sent an email with your login details & a link to our Facebook support group ‘Empowered By Eating- Your Experience’ which you can request to join. Here there are other likeminded individuals following a journey similar to yours. Any questions you may have simply post them in here. If you choose to progress your membership you can request to be upgraded to our Empowered By Eating Private support group where we aim to answer all questions in as much detail as possible. Alternatively, if you do not have a Facebook account you can contact us at or by using our contact form below.

I’d like a bit more personal guidance on my nutrition. How can I get that?

You are encouraged to ask any & all questions in the Facebook support group. These questions are so beneficial, not just for yourself, but for the other EBE members also following a similar journey to yourself. Alternatively if you are still wanting a bit more personalised information, you can email the team at where your name will be put on to a waiting list for private coaching.

How much is it to subscribe?

Level 1 of the membership is only £1 per month. If you decide you want to progress your journey through our different stages of nutrition this is at a cost of £10 per month and payment will be taken automatically.

Can I upgrade to private coaching?

Yes, currently we are in high demand but write to us at or by using the contact form on the coaching tab of our website, click the link below to access the coaching page and leave us a message. We aim to always help in any way we can.

Private Coaching

How long do i have to be subscribed for?

There is no minimum time to be subscribed, you are free to cancel your membership at any stage.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time by simply clicking this link.

Cancel my Membership

Got questions?

Got questions on how to live a healthier life, improve mental and physical performance and easily fits into your modern lifestyle?


Then don’t be shy and join our awesome community. Simply post your question in our EBE Facebook community group:


Your feedback and questions are important to us. Our Empowered by Eating customer care team will respond to your request within 2 business days. Kindly note that we might not always be able to do so due to the volume of requests we receive.
Simply fill in our contact form and provide your contact details. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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