How many times have you started a new diet?

It’s always a Monday, you’re filled with hope and faith that this time will be different.

You’re motivated to be 100% strict right from the start.

Confused by information everywhere you have normally cut out all your favourite foods

Leaving your food boring, bland and tasteless.

Every day is a battle with how hungry you feel.

Everyone else around you seems happy enjoying the foods you’d love to be eating

But this is how its supposed to be isn’t it? Diets should be painfully hard shouldn’t they?

I mean its a temporary fix so it’s not going to be forever

The results always come initially….

The numbers on the scale start going down so you feel happy

By the end of the first week you feel really proud

But this is when it gets hard, everything is telling you it’s the weekend and you need to reward yourself for being so good

You manage to battle through the first weekend, but it was tough

Week two is painfully hard, by now the weight loss has slowed and you feel awful

The motivation from the first week has gone

The results in the mirror aren’t coming quick enough for the pain you’re going through

By the weekend you have had enough, you feel tired, hungry and deprived of everything you enjoy

SO YOU CHEAT, just a small bit, but that leads to more and before you know it, you have ruined a whole two-weeks worth of hard work

All that food just seems to have gone straight to your belly and hips

The happiness of the food is replaced by guilt, shame and anger that you have

no self-control and that dieting is pointless.



Every time you try a diet, after a few weeks you stop losing weight

You don’t know why

You have tried everything

Do you need to eat even less?

Do you need to take certain supplements that cost a fortune?

Are the foods to blame?

Or is it just your fault?

Why does everyone else seem to be able to diet but you just can’t?



Let me tell you about Empowered By Eating…

We tell you what nobody else will

We don’t want to keep the secrets to ourselves and charge you a fortune to find out just little bits

We want to give you everything we know, everything we have learned from spending over 10 years transforming peoples’ lives

Having spent over 22,000 hours of coaching people we know what works and what doesn’t

We are here to tell you how it is going to works for YOU

It’s a super simple, step by step plan



Well for one you don’t have to cut out any of your favourite foods

You want something that gives you fast results right?

That’s not hard to stick to?

That doesn’t feel like you’re on a diet?

And that keeps the weight off once its gone?

This super simple 12-week fat loss plan will change how you lose weight and more importantly keep it off forever

I know it seems too good to be true

But here’s the thing…



That’s exactly what stops you losing weight in the long term

The reason you put all the weight back on

Diets are never personalised to you

Normally they are a “one size fits all.”

They don’t teach you anything

You never get to understand why you need to do something

You’re just told to do it

I mean what happens when you go out for food with the family?

The scams, schemes and fraudulent 3 shakes a day companies don’t think about that

Or what happens if you run out one of those 10 food items that you have been told you can only eat and the shops are closed

Are you just going to starve?

I know, when you really think about it like that it’s just so stupid isn’t it?



Now you’re going to be taken through step-by-step everything you need to finally understand what works for you

How you can eat the right amount of delicious food for you and no longer be starving

Get amazing results that you will be super proud of

Learn how to cook healthy, health boosting, delicious food in minutes

Never waste a single penny again on pointless expensive supplements that don’t work

Learn how to eat in your favourite restaurants without feeling guilty or ruining your results

Learn how to quickly grab food on the go when you’re busy and in a rush

No more boring, bland same “diet” meals every day, finally get to eat normal food that still gives you the results you desire

Get the body of your dreams without slaving away for hours on end every day in the gym, simple, quick, home workouts that can take less than 30 minutes a few times a week

Lose Weight




“Easy to understand.”

“Very informative and easy to learn.”

“Easy to follow and engaging.”

“I feel so much more confident.”

“This has literally changed my life.” 

“It just works.”

“It has encouraged me to realise I’m doing this for long term success.”

“I now feel in control of my diet.” 

“As a personal trainer, it will help me develop my skills for my clients, I will be recommending they all sign up.”

“As a medical doctor, the evidence based references are excellent and support the validity of the content.”


It really is so simple to use, take a look!!

STEP 1 – Sign up


You sign up to the membership program for just £1.00 this is to secure your place on the first month and for your first months membership.

(YES REALLY!!!! A whole month’s access for just one pound, we want to make sure you can TRUST US)


STEP 2 – Start watching

Between the 1st – 5th of the next month is when your course will start.

Watch the short simple videos one by one – follow the step by step fool proof easy to understand plan

Each video is only 5 to 7 minutes, so its super easy to find the time in your busy day

You can watch them anywhere, on your computer, your tablet or even on your phone. We will be fitting around your busy schedule so you have no excuse not to succeed now


STEP 3 – Move along through the step by step videos

After each short video, you have the option to move on to the next video if you want to or stay right where you are.

We want to make sure you’re comfortable and understand everything. We wont be baffling you with words you don’t understand

You go at your own pace so that you can get everything you need to succeed


STEP 4 – Take action


Take action on what we tell you in the videos, we will give you a couple things to do to get you on the right track straight away

Each video will give you something new that will help you on your journey to the body you deserve


STEP 5 – Starting losing weight and more importantly keep it off


We will be guiding you through everything we have learned over the past decade

Having worked with hundreds of clients just like you, we know EXACTLY what YOU need

Lose weight, burn fat, get healthy and comfortably manage your weight forever

STEP 6 – Stuck? Just ask!


Ask us anything, we are here to help you every single step of the way.

We have a Facebook community of people like you that we would love you to be a part of

In here you can ask us anything, no question is stupid or too small. We know how confusing everyone has made dieting, we just make it simple so ask away and we will be there to guide you.

You are never going to feel alone on this journey


Our simple step-by-step plan will change how you lose weight and keep it off forever.

  • Short, simple step by step videos – Telling you what you need to know about diet and healthy eating in a really simple way. Just watch, understand, do the few things you learn, get results, move to the next video when you’re ready
  • Plan of action personalised to you – Find out EXACTLY what you need to do every day to get lean, healthy, lose fat easily and keep it off.
  • Private support group – Find people just like you, on a similar journey for motivation, support and friendly advice. We will also be on hand to answer any questions you may have on your journey to that physique you have always wanted.
  • The latest cutting edge research – Know that you will be following the most up-to-date scientific information on health, nutrition and wellness.
  • Shopping plan – Know exactly what to put in your trolley or basket instead of wandering around aimlessly wondering if it will ruin your results.
  • Meal plan examples – Giving you tons of ideas on how to set up your day so that you can fit in all your food easily so you don’t go hungry and don’t have to skip meals
  • Recipe ideas – Make delicious food for you and your family to turn you into a lean machine
  • Live coaching – Pick our brains there and then with whatever you need to help you on your journey. We don’t just give you a list to eat and send you on your way, we are there all the time to keep you on track.
  • Email support – We care about you and your results, so we are there on hand if you ever have anything that’s stopping you get awesome results
  • At Home Exercise plan – You don’t even need to go the gym with our plans, short, effective fat burning workouts tailored to your ability level
  • Gym workout plan – For those that do want to workout at a gym we also provide those workouts too.


And here are the reasons why

Other diets and weight loss systems make you

X Stick to the smallest list of foods

X Starving because you are eating a tiny amount

X Drink 2 or 3 “special” so called meal replacement shakes per day

X Eat “special” foods that are expensive and difficult to find when shopping

X Confused over why you’re doing things

X Stop eating in your favourite restaurants

X Feel isolated from your normal friends because you’re on a “diet”




  • Finally understanding what to do and why you’re doing it so you’re no longer confused
  • Seeing the pounds melt off your body without even feeling like you’re on a diet
  • Loving how your body looks in the mirror
  • Being able to buy clothes that you love, not just to hide away the wobbly parts
  • Being super confident when you go out because of how incredible you look
  • Being able to eat in all your favourite restaurants with your friends without guilt
  • How confident you’ll feel in work with all of the new compliments
  • Not feeling hungry even though you are supposedly on a diet, no more restriction
  • Having tons of energy, instead of feeling sluggish
  • Feeling super healthy, knowing that your life will be so much better now
  • Being able to eat all the foods you love knowing they won’t make you fat or bloated
  • Finally being proud of what you have achieved
  • Getting results FAST, but then keeping them forever


  • How to make the Worlds’ 1st Diet cake
  • What order you MUST do things in for success
  • Why your scales lie to you and what to do about it
  • How much food YOU need to burn fat and keep it off– remember everything is personalised to you
  • How your “naughty” foods fit into your plan EVERY DAY so you never feel guilty again
  • How to stop binge eating – you will be eating enough anyway with our plan
  • How to program your thoughts so you no longer get anxious thinking about food
  • Develop iron clad will power to keep you on track
  • Get back on track if you have fallen off the wagon without any guilt
  • How you can even fit in alcohol into your diet, this really is a plan for life
  • What to buy in the supermarket when it all just seems confusing
  • How to set up simple quick daily meal plans for you and your family with normal food
  • How to make super quick delicious meals that help keep you healthy and burning fat

And much, much more……….

Get Lean

We are so confident in what you will get from EmpoweredByEating that if you follow what we say and don’t get the results we promise, we will simply give you your money back. Not many fitness/diet companies can offer this, because they know their product isn’t up to scratch, ours is so simple to follow that you simply can’t fail.

Stop wasting your time on other quick fix fad diets that leave you feeling hungry, frustrated and right back where you started when the results come to a grinding halt

Stop wasting your heard earned money each month on bogus fat burning supplements that leave you feeling jittery and literally flushing your cash down the toilet

Start today, it will be the best decision you will make this year, and your body will love you for it.

You deserve what we are about to give you

Make that commitment today